Shoalhaven Movie & Multimedia Group


Marine Rescue Jervis Bay.
The Movie Club visited Marine Rescue
and were given an interesting presentation
of the workings of Marine Rescue.

Crissy a 50 plus Cross Runner
Crissy loves to run in cross country events.
She has been running since she was at school
she has a collection of 500 plus medals
Many of them in the Masters Competition

Dennis and His Engines
Dennis is a club member and apart from movie making
his many other interests include constructing hot air engines.

Ghost Mushrooms Jervis Bay
Ghost mushrooms are a type of fungi that glows in the dark.
The ones near Jervis Bay are particularly bright

A Link With The Past
The story of the Wreck of the Coolangatta..

The Table
How to modify Grandmother's table by
a helpful unskilled partner.

Be careful about what you think is going to happen.

The Morning News.
A look at what is happening around our town.

The Magic Table - Not Sold In Stores.
A mystery that we all suffer from occasionally.

Dad & Dave in the Big City.
Dad and Dave go to the big smoke and are amazed at the magic they see
inside the Entertainment Center.

The Egg.
How to cook a boiled egg during a wild storm.

FEAR! I'm Right Behind You!.
What happens when your front door is open when you come home
after a night out.

Over the edge at Paradise Farm.
A look at how a local Organic farm is helping our kids.

Murphy’s Law.
Be careful who you try to bluff with your lost car.

Yes Dear.
Do not leave your phone in the office for someone else to answer.

A Link With The Past.
The story of the Wreck of the Coolangatta.

The Frustrated Telephone User..
We have all experienced frustration of telephone hang-ups.