The challenge for the April 2012 Combined meeting was the make a movie about "NEWS",

The club had many discussions and finally decided on the style of the "News Movie' we would present.

The movie is styled on our local News with tongue in cheek

One Saturday morning the club met at one of the members place and proceeded to film our efforts.

Have a look and see the results


The Table

The challenge for the September 2012 Combined meeting was to make an “INSTRUCTIONAL MOVIE”

We decided on a project called “How to adjust the legs on a Table”

Once again we availed on the good nature of one our members to lend us their home for a day

The table was found at the local tip and as it already had one leg shorter than the others this was the ideal prop for us to use in our movie.

Many discussions were had about the script and who were to be our actors

On the day the weather was fine the friendliness of the crew and after a cuppa we commenced filming